Dear Guest,
Entering in any hotel’s area, please disinfect your hands at the antiseptic stations.

We keep distance of at least 2 meters from all service areas (reception, bar) following the special ground marking and keep a physical distance by avoiding handshakes.

The receptionist may provide face covers in case of cough or sneezing if requested.

We suggest avoiding room’s daily cleaning during your stay.

Check-out :11.00 and check-in: 15.00 for proper room’s cleaning and disinfection.

Check-out: 11.00 και check-in: 15.00 για σωστό καθαρισμό και απολύμανση δωματίου.

Options of Room cleaning after check-out :

For safety reasons the entrance in the rooms is not allowed for non-residents. All Guests, visitors and staff have given personal details to the business manager.

Remote controls are covered by a single-use wrap.

The staff of Hotel Bretagne is informed about the cleaning and disinfection methods as well as about the safety and the customer service. We remain at your disposal to clarify and indicate the action plan for our safety.

The cleaning supplies are certified and the staff is well informed about their use.

We encourage our visitors to submit their suggestions and comments to the staff in order to improve and upgrade the operation of the accommodation.

General information of the Covid-19

General protective measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19

Handling of a suspicious coronavirus disease

If a guest meets the criteria of the suspicious coronavirus disease must follow these: The hotel's health officer calls 210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 (24/7) for the declaration of the suspicious case and instructions for dealing with it.

Τhe hotel has adequate supplies to:

The hotel’s management keeps a record of all staff members and guests in order to enable contact tracing of any close contacts of Covid-19 cases, which may be subsequently identified.

For any clarification please contact
EODY 210 5212054, 1135
General Hospital of Corfu 26613 60453/60643

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